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In November 2011, we made the decision to sell free range pork. Although we had always sold pork sourced from pigs that had been reared in-line with RSPCA welfare standards, we wanted to take it that step further.

About the Free Range Pigs that we buy:

All of the pork that we sell comes from free range pigs. These pigs are lovingly bred and reared by Anna and her team at anna's happy trotters in Yorkshire.

Whilst about 40% of UK pigs are born on free range farms, only around 1 - 2% are then reared and grown in free range conditions.

All anna's happy trotters pigs fall into this elite 1 - 2%, being free range all their lives. All of their pigs are bred and born outside and reared to 4 weeks of age when they are then weaned. Anna's pigs are a mixture of new and old breeds providing an ideal mix to ensure a great tasting product.

The Landrace x Duroc sows produce pigs which have low levels of backfat but the meat is marbled thus enhancing the flavour and succulence during cooking, (another reason why anna's pork tastes so good!). The hunky 'Maximus' boar is a very muscular breed, which gives lean meat and lovely big chops.

The Duroc is used in outdoor pigs, because the outdoor lifestyle suits their hardy skin, by growing extra hair to keep warm in Winter and protect them from sunburn during the summer. The hardier skin also provides some of the finest "crackling" money can buy!




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