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Pot Roasting, Stewing, Casseroling & Stewing

Slow moist methods of cooking include pot roasting, stewing, braising and casseroling. These methods are ideal for tenderising less expensive, less tender cuts of meat and are convenient ways of cooking as they require very little preparation or attention during cooking. Simply pop one in the oven or on the hob and let it cook while you sit and relax. As it is all cooked in one pot you'll save on washing up too.

Pot Roasting

Pot roasting uses whole joints of meat - boned and rolled joints are ideal for pot roasting. It is traditionally carried out by browning the joint and then cooking in the oven or on the hob with liquid and vegetables. Always cover with foil to retain the moisture.

Stewing, Braising & Casseroling

Stewing, braising and casseroling are all moist methods of cooking that are cooked in the oven or on the hob. The meat is simmered gently at a low temperature with added liquid.

Stewing - on the hob.

Braising - in the oven using less water than stews or casseroles.

Casseroling - in the oven.

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